Jose Arrieta

My passion to capture moments began when I first saw a black and white photograph. I still remember that moment vividly! I lived in a small village in Colombia and that was the coolest thing that I had ever seen – I actually thought it was a painting! Time passed and in 2007 I decided to create my first website that showed the beauty of my state through photography. Ever since I have been trying to capture every moment that I can from Patagonia, Argentina to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

But life is a continuous challenge and in 2019 I was in a terrible car accident and I had a concussion that changed my life forever. This condition took me away from computers, cellphones, and any screen devices. My camera and nature were my only escapes to avoid headaches, depression, and anxiety. This is how I started falling deep in love with photography, capturing moments in nature. Always see the bright side of life!